When i turned 21 i was so disappointed, its like for some reason i thought i would feel different. Like i would get some kick ass super power. “IT IS ME!!! CAPTAIN FUCKING AWSOME!!!…WATCH ME AS I DRINK DEEPLY FROM MY PLASTIC CUP!!!”. But no, all i got was the ability to flash my ID for something that makes me feel like a super hero. What seemed like the awsome idea of trying to hurdle 6 chairs, blindfolded….while the chairs are on fire isn’t really the smartest thing to do…unless your drunk, then it seems like Albert Einstein couldn’t think of a better idea. So your standing there, feeling good, just thinking that somehow your just gonna fucking fly over those chairs…without the gift of fucking sight, through fucking fire…and somehow make it to the other side unharmed. Ok, sounds simple enough…if your on crack! but anyways you take a couple steps back then go for it…you make it over the first 3 chairs…while the stupidest look of satisfaction and achievement on your face, well guess what, i think it was a little to soon to be celebrating because just about then you realize your too drunk and too stupid to actually pull it off and face plant into what feels like the burning pits of fucking hell, if anyone should get a super power when they turn 21 it should be being fireproof.


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Just a thought…

The truth is that some girls are just not into true love but instead are into the security and it doesn’t matter with who. I think guys are more loving and caring as opposed to what is shown in movies and what is read in books. Have you ever heard of a guy who got together with a woman because of her house or because she has money? i admit it does happen but not nearly as much as the other way around. To love someone isn’t to see how much cash the other can offer or how many things you can get from them, its about honesty, devotion, faithfulness, love, and knowing that the other will be there when you need them most, Through all the good times and the bad. No matter how bad it gets just knowing you have that special someone to spend the rest of your life with, makes it feels like nothing can hurt you. Honesty and trust is the most important thing in a relationship, without that its another dead end that goes nowhere, a cheater that admits it and is honestly sorry is better than a cheater that lies and doesn’t respect you enough to tell you that she or he messed up because when it all comes down to it, she told you and she or he wants to try to fix it. I have CML, kidney, and lung cancer but i have an amazing girl who is sticking by me all the way and who i trust with everything i have. Its kind of ironic that her sign is Cancer and shes the is the one saving me. The perfect girl does exist and i found mine, just don’t give up just because a couple of slores (slutty whores) and cum dumpsters decided to treat you like trash, cheat, and then just act like your nothing. Everyone has a soul-mate, its just a matter of finding them.

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Human Nature

Is it right to hurt someone you love willingly? To teach them a lesson? Even though they’re sorry and mean it, it still isn’t enough…they have to suffer for what they did. Is it human nature or the need to hurt the person just for self gratification? Is it that some people think they deserve the right to put someone else through hell and to make them suffer just for the pleasure of it? I don’t know why this is but i know this, its apart of a flawed society with the less than noble acts of disdainfulness and ferocity. The need to subjugate and make others feel inferior is an act of arrogance that fills the need to be in control and fuels the high-handedness of the tormentor. Every person has been guilty of ignoble acts so id like to think its human nature, to put my mind at ease, to believe that its an automatic process, even though its thought-out…the need to feel superior is overwhelming in itself. Is it human nature or just some pitiful attempt for self gratification? Comment your opinion below.

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